Individual classes from our Workshops now available.

We hear you!

We will be offering 

our interactive, hands-on classes at



Individual lessons taken from our Workshops are now available.  

These are one hour to one and a half-hour lessons geared to 

educate you to take better photos!  


*Small class size, indivual attention

*Customized curiculum..

*Group rate also

*Private classes available

Come with us and explore the Magic Kingdom as you 

never have before - through the lens of your camera. 


Learn photography techniques and tricks that you will be able to use anywhere. 

We can even meet up with you later that day to look at the photos you took and offer more tips.


Learning Photography at Disneyland

~~Beginners to Experts~~

Yes, our acclaimed photography classes and workshops are available at 

Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

We can even arrange classes outside the park for you if you like.

Individual classes are only $37.96 for a limited time.

We will tailor the content  of your class based on your skills/needs 

and your type of camera/phone.

Discounts available for multiple attendees.

Join us for a fun day of learning!!

Reserve your day NOW!!

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